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2016 LANDROVER  DISCOVERY Stock # 1087
Title: Salvage Rebuildable Title  
Mileage: 136,360
Price: $ 6,995  
"Sport SE", Auto, AWD, Leather/Cloth Combo, Bluetooth, Alloys, Navigation, Rear Camera, Power Windows and Seats, Front and Rear Damage, Good Bags, Runs and Lot Drives, 2.0L, Prod Date: 05/16

2000 LANDROVER  DISCOVERY Stock # 1707
Title: Salvage Rebuildable Title  
Mileage: 119,602
Price: $ 3,995  
Series II, 4x4, Auto, Leather, Power Windows and Seats, Heated Seats, Dual Moonroof, Alloys, Recovered Theft, Needs Right Side Exhaust, Runs and Lot Drives, 4.0L, Prod Date: 09/99

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